Land & SEAsoning - Combo Shaker & Packet

Land & SEAsoning - Combo Shaker & Packet

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Limited Time Special!  Buy the Land & SEAsoning Shaker ($15.00) to use as table seasoning and when you just want to sprinkle it on something, and get the 2 ounce packet (normally $6.75) for just $2.50 (use this in the kitchen for meal prep).  Combined cost is $17.50 (reflects a 20% discount). You can also use the packet to refill the shaker.  BONUS:  Receive 3 packets of one ounce Nori Flakes with each combo purchase!

Total content:  6 ounces

Ingredients include:

  • Organic seaweed powder
  • Himalayan sea salt
  • Dried Hawaiian seaweed
  • Raw nori flakes, Mushroom blend,
  • Onion powder, Tumeric, Cumin,
  • Coriander, Garam masala blend
  • Roasted red chili powder.

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