Mermaid Herbal Chai Tea Base
Mermaid Herbal Chai Tea Base

Mermaid Herbal Chai Tea Base

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Instead of the usual black tea, here’s more of a therapeutic tea that you can drink as is, or use your favorite milk product to make it creamy.  Contains burdock root, hibiscus, green tea and stinging nettle.  The ingredients are known to:

* Have high anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties
* Be great for the skin
* Address high blood pressure, protect the liver, improve kidney function
* Be cancer fighting
* Be high in Vitamin C
* Aid in cholesterol/reduces LDL
* Boost metabolism and mood/helps with weight management
* Provide a gentle diuretic and helps flush toxins
* Plus many more benefits good for your health

1 Ounce Packet (tea is loose-leaf) makes one large mug of tea. Buy 4 Packets get the 5th one free! (Enter Discount Code CHAI at check-out). Enter 5 packets, $2.00 discount will be taken off  your order before checkout.